Diverse Expressions of Buddhism in Lincoln, Nebraska

August 21, 2006

Source: Lincoln Journal Star


On August 21, 2006 the Lincoln Journal Star reported, "It’s about an hour after services ended at Linh Quang Buddhist Temple, and members are still hanging around the building. Some are socializing and making plans for the rest of their Sunday, others are cleaning and doing yardwork. About a dozen teenage boys are gathered in the temple’s backyard, practicing jumps, kicks and tumbles for an upcoming traditional Vietnamese performance. The Rev. Thich Phap Tri, the temple’s resident monk, roams around talking to members and finishing up yet another day’s tasks. Nearly all of the estimated 600 families involved with Linh Quang immigrated to Lincoln from Vietnam, and for them Buddhism is more than a religion. It’s a way of life. 'It’s kind of like being Catholic,' said Linh Quang member Thinh Duong. 'For Vietnamese, you’re born into the religion. Your grandparents and parents are Buddhist, so you are Buddhist too.' Some families choose to go to the Temple every week, and some stay home, Thich Phap Tri said. That’s fine, not that he encourages it. But even within the community at Linh Quang, no one’s forced into conversion. 'We’re kind of open about that stuff,' Duong said."