Diverse Delegation from Texas

August 18, 2000

Source: The Houston Chronicle

On August 18, 2000, The Houston Chronicle reported on the "Texas delegation to the Democratic National Convention, which prided itself on its diversity, included five Muslims who were either delegates or alternates. Four were from the Houston area, and one was from Dallas. One of the delegates, Houston businessman Zafar Tahir, made history on Thursday at a breakfast meeting of Texas convention delegates, when he delivered a Muslim prayer - the first ever at such a gathering. Tahir, a native of Pakistan who lives in Houston, prayed at the Texas delegation breakfast Thursday 'that this party of true diversity can move together.' He said the selection of vice-presidential nominee Joseph Lieberman, the first Jew on a major party ticket, is a good sign. While some may think Muslims would not favor a Jew as vice president because of tensions between the two religions in the Middle East, Tahir said picking someone from a minority religion in the United States is positive for Muslims because they also are in the minority."