Diverse Crowd Drawn to Sikh's Peace Prayer Day Event

June 30, 2010

Author: Chris McGuiness

Source: Sikh Net News


When GTS Khalsa crested the last hill at the end of his long 21-mile run, the crowd there to greet him and the torch he carried broke into applause. He and a group of other runners made the arduous journey from the Santuario de Chimayo to the foothills of the Jemez Mountains west of Espanola June 19 to raise awareness for global peace.

"It is an expression of peace," Khalsa said.

It was his 25th year making the run with the "Peace Flame."

"The flame there comes from the United Nations and from JFK's grave," he said

The run was just one part of the 25th annual Peace Prayer Day held at the Guru Ram Das Puri, a remote campground and sanctuary off 31-Mile Road that is owned by the Sikh community based in Sombrillo. The festival brought people from more than 36 countries together with the goal of opening a dialogue about how to create a more peaceful world.