Dispute in Neighborhood of Ponca Sweat Lodge in Omaha

February 11, 2003

Source: Omaha World-Herald

On February 11, 2003 the Omaha World-Herald reported that "whether the sweat lodge in the Brookhaven neighborhood in southwest Omaha is a religious practice protected under the U.S.  Constitution or a threat to public health and safety will be determined in the next 30 days. Monday, the City of Omaha said Rose could continue using her sweat lodge while it sorts out legal issues in the conflict... 'This is my way of life,' said Rose, a spiritual leader in the Northern Ponca Tribe. 'A lot of people rely on this...' Boyd Bell, who lived next door to Rose near 115th and Washington Streets before moving to Columbia, Mo., in November, led a neighborhood petition drive against the smoke created by the sweat lodge. The drive collected 10 signatures."