Dispelling the Myths

February 24, 2009

Author: Rachel Platis

Source: The Daily Texan


Bollywood music sounded from speakers on the West Mall on Monday in celebration of the Hinduism Awareness Week kickoff rally, presented by the Hindu Students Council.

The annual rally aims to address common misconceptions about Hinduism and to educate students about the religion. Other events will be held each day of the week, including guest speakers, sing-alongs, food and a Shivratri lock-in.

“Our purpose is to make the community aware of what Hinduism is and isn’t,” said Harsh Voruganti, the council’s education chair and a Plan II and economics senior.

The rally was designed to clear up the misconceptions that Hinduism is polytheistic religion that encourages the use of a caste system and the belief that Hindus pray to idols, worship cows and believe in bloody gods like Kali and Shiva.

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