Disney Millennium Exhibit Causes Controversy

September 16, 1999

Source: Los Angeles Times

On September 16, 1999, the Los Angeles Times published an article on the growing controversy over a Disney exhibit for Epcot's Millennium Village, scheduled to open on October 1st, which features Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Both Israelis and Palestinians lay claim to the city, which figures prominently in current peace negotiations between the two sides. A spokesman for Disney stated: "We are not taking sides on this issue...We are in the business of entertainment, trying to provide a good experience for our guests." Bill Warren, director of public affairs for the Walt Disney World Resort, stated that Disney has invited Arab and Muslim representatives to a meeting in order to "try to reach a point of understanding." Some Arab and Muslim groups in America have called for a boycott of Disney if the display is not changed, while some Jewish groups in America have urged Disney not to "cave in" to Arab pressure.