Devotion to Faith Unites Four Women

December 4, 2006

Author: Gregg Krupa

Source: The Detroit News

As politicians and religious leaders stumble in the face of conflicts in the world, four women say, God brought them together.

First, last spring, Peggy, who is a Christian, met Gail, who is Jewish. Then, the two of them met Shahina, who is a Muslim. The three then met Trish, who is a Catholic.

The four women say they quickly realized that their dedication to their faiths made them more similar than different. As they found one another at activities in churches, synagogues and mosques in Metro Detroit, they also realized that in addition to praying to the same God, they had been thinking the same thought: How do we bring women of diverse faiths together to benefit the community and to learn about different religions?

They united to establish WISDOM -- Women's Interfaith Solutions for Dialogue and Outreach in Metro Detroit. It is just one initiative to unite the local followers of diverse religions.

"We wanted to do something to foster peace and also do some services for the community," said Shahina Begg, who attends the Unity Center of Bloomfield Hills, a mosque.