Detroit Muslims Hopeful for New Papacy

April 20, 2005

Source: The Detroit News

On April 20, 2005 The Detroit News reported, "Like many people of faith, Muslims in Metro Detroit expressed joy and hope over the selection of Pope Benedict XVI on Tuesday, describing the moment as a universal expression of faith in God and spirituality. Although the new pope had previously expressed views that were less accepting of Islam than the dramatic gestures of Pope John Paul II, Muslims said they hope that steps toward unity and interfaith cooperation will continue. In Metro Detroit, a number of the large and growing Muslim population said they were watching television broadcasts of Tuesday's historic events from Vatican City. 'We are really glad, overall, about the selection of the right person to the right place,' said Afthal Alshami, an engineer for Ford Motor Co. 'And we are hoping for someone who is going to have an understanding toward other religions, and understand also how different cultures are involved in other societies, so we can communicate.'"