Detroit Interfaith Group Teaches Tolerance Through Dialogue

June 8, 2007

Author: Brian Padden

Source: The Voice of America

After September 11th, many religious leaders across the U.S. gathered to pray for peace and understanding. In the Midwest City of Detroit, one of the most ethnically diverse in America, Muslim, Jewish and Christian leaders continue to meet on a regular basis. The Detroit Interfaith Partners try to talk through their differences, despite underlying religious friction at home and ethnic conflicts overseas.

In a scene from the documentary “Reuniting The Children of Abraham,” a Christian actor says, “Where I grew up there were only two kinds of people. You were either a Christian or you were someone who did not believe in God."

A Jewish actress offers her own story, saying, "My family came here from Russia where life was hard for Jews. But life as a Jew has not always been simple here either."

Then a Muslim actor says, "Everyone I grew up with was a Muslim like me. I was told to stay with my own people. We were the only ones we could trust in this country."

This documentary is about a project that began in Detroit, Michigan that teaches religious tolerance to young people. The idea for this initiative was born in the aftermath of the tragedy of September 11th.