Despite Freedom of Religion Law, Hindus Discriminated Against, Report Says

December 9, 2003

Source: Yahoo! News

On December 9, 2003 Yahoo! News posted an Indo-Asian News Service article that reported, "Bangladesh has taken some steps to protect its religious minorities but discrimination continues, particularly against Hindus, says a new report here. It says communal violence and discrimination have displaced up to 20,000 Hindus in recent years, with the most serious violations occurring in 2001. Most Bangladeshi Hindus who seek refuge in India have received little support or protection. The governments of both Bangladesh and India must do a better job of dealing with these problems, says the report compiled by Refugees International, a Washington-based humanitarian organisation. Although Bangladesh is a Muslim-dominated country, about 10 percent of its 130 million people are Hindus. The country's constitution provides for freedom of religion."