Deputies Can't Stop Animal Sacrifices Inside Waterford Lakes Home

June 24, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: WFTV

From the outside it looks like any other house, but it's what's going on inside that's causing a huge controversy in Waterford Lakes. People inside have been holding religious animal rituals and neighbors say it's gone too far.

Because it's considered a religious act, sheriff deputies say they can't do anything about the issue. Now the homeowner's association is trying to find a way to resolve it.

Those who live in the neighborhood (see map) along Lake Underhill say, in the last month, the new residents have brought in plenty of animals, but none seem to have left. When Eyewitness News went to the home Monday, there were empty cages on the side of the house.

On Friday, it came to a head when homeowners called deputies about a group of goats being led into the home.

"I don't want them to hurt animals. I don't care what animals they are," said one unidentified neighbor who is spooked by the practice of chicken and goat sacrifices at her neighbor's home.

Inside the rented house, deputies told Jade Forest homeowners they interrupted a goat sacrifice on Friday as part of a Santeria ceremony.