Denver Sign Blames Jews for the Death of Jesus

February 25, 2004

Source: ABC News Denver

On February 25, 2004 ABC News Denver reported, " A billboard unveiled on Ash Wednesday, the same day that a controversial movie depicting the last hours of Jesus Christ premiered, is sparking criticism from people of all faiths.

The large-size outdoor marquee, which sits on the property of the Lovingway United Pentecostal Church at Colorado and Mississippi, says, 'Jews Killed The Lord Jesus' and the word 'Settled!'

'It's settled,' said Maurice Gorden, Loveway pastor. 'The word of God is the final word.'

The Anti-Defamation League asked for the marquee to be changed because it is anti-Semitic, but the church only amended the billboard slightly by removing the word "settled" and attributing the line to biblical Scriptures...

Jewish leaders say that like Mel Gibson's new movie 'The Passion of The Christ' -- which opened Wednesday morning -- the passage will stir up anti-Semitic attitudes and will cause some people to lash out at Jews.

The Colorado Council of Churches also tried to get Pastor Maurice Gordon to change the sign but he refused and wouldn't even answer the phone or answer the door,"