Denmark to Host Interfaith Dialogue Conference

February 23, 2006

Source: Adnkronos International

On February 23, 2006 Adnkronos International reported, "Denmark - where the caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed that have caused fury in the Muslim world were first published - will next month hold an interreligious dialogue conference, the country foreign minister, Stig Moeller announced in a statement released on Thursday. The conference will take place in the Danish capital, Copenhagen on 10 March: among those taking part will be the well-known Egyptian imam Amr Khaled, two Arab leaders, and three Danish experts. The Danish government, which has defended the freedom of the country's press to publish the cartoons, intends to make 'a significant financial contribution' to a new UN programme aimed at fighting prejudice on the part of the Islamic world and the West, Moeller said. The government will also sponsor an Islamic Festival that will be held in Copenhagen. Moeller emphasised that the objective of this event is to promote 'respectful dialogue' between different cultures and dialogues."