Denmark Arrests 8 Alleged Islamic Militants Linked to Al Qaeda

September 4, 2007

Author: Staff Writer

Source: International Herald Tribune

Wire Service: AP/Reuters

COPENHAGEN: Danish intelligence agents early Tuesday arrested eight alleged Islamic militants with links to Al Qaeda and said the suspects were plotting an attack involving explosives.

"With the arrests, we have prevented a terror attack," said Jakob Scharf, head of the PET intelligence service. He did not identify the target.

The suspects - six Danish citizens and two foreigners with residence permits - had been under surveillance for some time when they were arrested, he said. He identified them as "militant Islamists with connections to leading Al Qaeda persons," adding, "According to our assessment, there is a direct connection to Al Qaeda."

Terrorists have not hit Denmark in more than two decades, but the July 2005 bombings in London created fears that the Scandinavian country could be targeted for its participation in the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq.