Democrats Move From Skepticism to Scripture

February 10, 2004

Source: The Washington Post

On February 10, 2004 The Washington Post reported, "Americans prefer at least a whiff of religion in their politicians, according to a Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life poll conducted in July. Sixty-two percent of the 2,002 adults polled said the president mentions his faith in just the right amounts, compared with 14 percent who said he mentions it too much and 11 percent who said he didn't mention it enough. Twenty-one percent said they would like to see religion play more of a role in the president's policy-making. His opponents must then decide how much of their own convictions are safe to reveal. And so, in a departure from previous American political campaigns, some candidates played up their Jewish roots. Voters now know that Mr. Dean's wife and children are Jewish, the paternal grandparents of Sen. John Kerry, of Massachusetts, were Jewish and Wesley Clark's father was Jewish...  But the switch from skepticism to Scripture could be a tough transition for Democrats who are known as the secular party, the party of separation of church and state."