Democratic Convention Receives Prayers

August 14, 2000

Source: Los Angeles Times

On August 14, 2000, the Los Angeles Times reported that from "pews and pulpits across Southern California this weekend, pastors, rabbis, priests and congregations of virtually all faiths directed their prayers and sermons to Democrats in Los Angeles for their national convention... About 100 Democratic delegates and Mayor Richard Riordan attended a Mass where [Cardinal Roger M.] Mahony urged that political decisions be based on faith, not polls." Mahony said, "Those of you gathered here this morning represent leadership from across the United States. And with leadership comes responsibility. In the end, God will not rely on polling data to judge our fidelity to the Gospels. God will not convene focus groups to determine our moral integrity or our ethical fitness. Instead we will face a self-examination that is both simple and stark. Whatever we did for the least of those among us, we did for God." There appeared to be a common theme at many of the worship services: peace during the convention. At Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles in Rosemead, the Rev. Melvin Fujikawa highlighted this effort, "As the national Democratic convention gets underway...we ask that your voice will calm our city with your calmness. We pray especially for peace. We pray for nonviolence."