Delegates from All-Africa Conference on Religious Liberty Meet With Ghanaian President

May 2, 2006

Source: Adventist News Network

On May 2, 2006 the Adventist News Network reported, "Ghana's president, John A. Kufuor, received 10 representatives from the All-Africa Congress on Religious Liberty and welcomed the opportunity to speak on his convictions regarding such fundamental freedoms. The meeting is the second such event on the continent since 1991. The meetings were held April 25 to 27 in Accra, Ghana with a theme of Religious Liberty: Co-existence in Peace and Freedom in Diversity... He also shared his views on religious diversity. 'I also like the idea of all religions attending this Congress,' he noted. 'Unfortunately much of our world today is suffering because of many conflicts and misunderstandings over religion. If we as individuals express ourselves and understand each other, then religious extremism will be done away with and this will make for happier times and a more peaceful world.'"