Defense Ministry Concerned About Retired Colonel's Article

March 31, 2004

Source: Yahoo! News

On March 31, 2004 Yahoo! News posted an Associated Press article that reported, "Austria's Defense Ministry on Wednesday distanced itself from an article on its Web site describing Muslims as generally violent and united in seeking the overthrow of Western society. The article, written by a retired colonel, urges a 'rethinking of multiculturalism.' It links liberal education policies, such as teaching Turkish children in their own language in West European countries, to the 'spreading of subversion.' It also urges the deportation of immigrants who reject 'the political system or culture of the host nation,' and says both Muslim liberals and fundamentalists share the view that a 'fight against the West' is necessary...Attention was focused on the article, titled, 'Terrorism: Less Security, The Search for a New World Order II,' after the weekly Falter printed excerpts on Tuesday. Erich Reiter, a senior Defense Ministry official, said the article expressed the 'personal views' of its author, who was not to be considered a representative of the ministry."