Debate About Allowing Hopis to Use Golden Eagle Hatchlings

October 31, 2000

Source: The Arizona Republic

On October 31, 2000, The Arizona Republic reported that "Hopi tribal officials said Monday that they aren't ready to celebrate a preliminary National Park Service finding that affirms religious leaders' rights to gather golden eagle hatchlings from Wupatki National Monument. The Park Service released a draft document last week that would permit the gathering of the birds for ancient rites on the northeastern Arizona reservation. 'We're very guarded about this,' said Eugene Kaye, a Hopi tribal spokesman. 'It could be that this draft document was released just to turn public opinion against us and then all of that would be considered before the final document is prepared.' But Rick Frost, a spokesman for the Park Service in Denver, said the agency believes strongly that the tribe's religious practices should be respected."