DC Area Places of Worship Continue to Reach Out to Katrina Victims

September 15, 2005

Source: The Washington Post


On September 15, 2005 The Washington Post reported, "Across Montgomery County, members of churches, synagogues and other religious institutions are opening their wallets, and in some cases their homes, to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Religious organizations both big and small report raising thousands of dollars during services held on the two weekends since the hurricane devastated New Orleans and parts of the Gulf Coast. In addition to raising money with special collections, bake sales and online drives, congregations are helping in other ways, including gathering donations of clothing and other supplies. Many are offering to help house hurricane victims and are planning to provide long-term assistance, according to members. Some schools run by local churches and synagogues also are opening their doors to children displaced by the storm, often waiving tuition."