Dallas Man Convicted of Murder in "Backlash" Attack; Receives Death Sentence

April 5, 2002

Source: BBC News


On April 5, 2002, BBC News reported "Death for 11 Sept revenge killer." The article reported that the man convicted in the murder of Sikh gas station owner Vasudev Patel received the death sentence. The article explained, "Stroman, 32, holding a small American flag, showed no reaction when the sentence was read. But as he stood up to be led out of court, he saluted in the direction of the bench and said, 'Thank you, judge.'" The article continued, "In his closing arguments, prosecutor Greg Davis pointed to the victims' families as he argued for the death penalty: 'They had the American dream and believed in the ideals of this country and that's why they left their own countries,' he said. 'But those dreams were wiped out because this man here had another dream. His dream was to kill them all.'" Charges are pending against Stroman in two other shootings, including the murder of Waquar Hassan, a Muslim-American convenience store clerk.