The Dalai Lama Visits Indiana

August 20, 1999

Source: The Columbus Dispatch

On August 20, 1999, The Columbus Dispatch published an article describing the Kalachakra, which means the "turning of the wheel of time." The Kalachakra consists of 11 days of public prayer, meditation and teaching that has the goal of creating world peace and harmony. Buddhists believe that the Kalachakra teachings "pacify conflicts, develop peace and welfare, reduce suffering and increase love, kindness, compassion, joy and happiness." This is the 25th time the Dalai Lama has lead the Kalachakra since 1954 and the fourth time in the United States. "The Kalachakra is believed to have been passed down as a mystical manifestation of the Buddha to King Suchandra of the kingdom of Shambhala. It has been practiced for more than 1,000 years." Actor Steven Segal said, "The Kalachakra creates a porthole to where people can experience that blissful dimension." The Kalachakra consists of an earth ritual, the creation of a sand mandala, teaching, meditation, ritual dancing, and an initiation ceremony. More than 3000 people are attending the ceremony, many traveling from Japan, Taiwan, and other countries.