Dalai Lama Offers "Message of Compassion and Healing," Noting 9/11 Anniversary, Hurricane Katrina

September 14, 2005

Source: Idaho Mountain Express


On September 14, 2005 the Idaho Mountain Express reported, "In his address on compassion [last Sunday in Hailey, Idaho] given mostly in English with some help from his Tibetan language translator, the Dalai Lama counseled on ways to deal with suffering by looking at tragic events from a wider perspective and making a regular effort to develop a calm mind. He offered healing words both in honor of those who have suffered from the events of 9/11 and more recently in the path of Hurricane Katrina.

'We are all aware that recently the United States has also been hit by great tragedy, natural disaster,' he said. 'So, one is man made tragedy, one by nature. Of course, both cases are determined by a sort of painful experiences. Not only those people who really experienced on the spot, but like myself, who is watching television, really feel very sad, very sad.'

He said his foundation, which handles the royalties from his books�such as the recent The Universe in a Single Atom�donated $100,000 to the Hurricane Katrina relief fund... When asked why he appeals to so many different faiths, he replied: 'I don't know�my smile? I approach things informally, with humor. Tibetans are quite jovial. It's my nature. I think that's better.'"