Dalai Lama Begins Weeklong Teaching Session in Dharamshala

June 25, 2006

Source: NetIndia123.com/ANI


On June 25, 2006 Asian News International reported, "Hundreds of Buddhists from Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong have congregated here for a week-long teaching session by Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama that began on Saturday. The Dalai Lama is conferring teachings at the main Tibetan Buddhist monastery on the request of Taiwan-based Bliss and Wisdom monastery. The teaching session would specially focus on the text of Mahayana Buddhism written by renowned Indian Buddhist Shantideva. 'We are from Mahayana Buddhism and besides Theravada Buddhism are practised here. So what we think is, whatever be Buddha's teachings, we are all the same. We are under one teacher. So we do not differentiate between Tibetan, Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism,' Zhang Yun, a Buddhist monk from Hong Kong said."