Dalai Lama in Amritsar Joins Religious Heads to Promote Love

December 2, 2007

Author: Harjot Singh

Source: World Sikh News


His Holiness the Dalai Lama at the third meeting of the Elijah Board of World Religious Leaders at Nishkam International Centre in Amritsar. Bhai Mohinder Singh, Chairman and Spiritual Successor of Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha(sitting first from left) also in the picture. Amritsar: His Holiness the Dalai Lama joined some 50 senior religious figures at a major inter-faith dialogue this week in Amritsar on how to heal the world through love and forgiveness. The five-day summit organised by the Elijah Interfaith Institute aims to bring together representatives from each of the major religions, including Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism and other religions.

The Dalai Lama gave a keynote address at Guru Nanak Dev University on Wednesday morning (India time) on how can religions share their wisdom. "Our planet is in desperate need for love, forgiveness and inter-religious harmony. This meeting of leaders and scholars from around the world will explore how the wisdom of our traditions can help achieve these things."