Crisis Between Kazakh Government and Hare Krishna Community

August 2, 2007

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Turkish Weekly

The Kazakh government has been in conflict with the Hare Krishna community since last fall, when Almaty Oblast officials decided to demolish houses belonging to Krishna followers living on the outskirts of Kazakhstan's largest city, Almaty.

Houses Being Demolished

An outcry by international human-rights organizations and Krishna communities worldwide led the Kazakh government to set up a special commission in October 2006, to handle the situation.

"The accusations of religious discrimination are the last nail in the coffin of religious tolerance in our country."But since then, Almaty regional authorities have demolished about 20 houses belonging to Hare Krishna followers, leaving many families without homes.

As recently as June, 10 Hare Krishna families had their houses demolished on the orders of local officials in the Qarasai district of Almaty Oblast.