Country's Religious Diversity to be Represented at 2006 Science and Technology Expo

June 28, 2006

Source: Taiwan News

On June 28, 2006 Taiwan News reported, "The National Science Council on Tuesday introduced a religion component of the upcoming 2006 Science and Technology Expo, which will highlight the diversity of faith and religious tolerance in Taiwan. According to the Ministry of the Interior, as of June 2001, there were 23,146 temples and churches in Taiwan. Some of the popular faiths practiced in Taiwan include Buddhism, Taosim, folk religion, Christianity, Islam, I-Kuan Dao, and most recently, Falun Gong. 'The fact that these religions can co-exist in Taiwan peacefully is an indication that the Taiwanese people have a high tolerance for different faiths,' said Lin Mei-rong, a researcher at Academia Sinica's Institute of Ethnology. She noted that Taiwan has a history of religious openness and has always maintained a high acceptance and regard for individuals' freedom of worship, a constitutional right under the country's laws. 'It is typical in Taiwan to find that in family of six, members observe four different religions,' Lin said. 'Many families in Taiwan are like mini United Nations of religious beliefs.' On any given day, one can find some sort of religious festival or celebration in Taiwan, she added."