Country's First Buddhist University Opens in Moscow

January 20, 2005

Source: RIA Novosti

On January 20, 2005 RIA Novosti reported, "Buddhism is gaining popularity in Russia say experts who studied the possibilities of Russians receiving the diploma of a clergyman, the site, 'All Russia,' reported. Beginning in 2005, everybody in Russia will have a chance to be educated in the first Buddhist University, which was named in honor of the first khambo-lama in Russia, Damba-Dorzho Zayayev. On the eve of the New Year the Buddhist Institute Dashi Choinkhorlin in the Ivolgin monastery in Buryatia received the license for the university. However, only young men, having a secondary education, will be able to attend this university. This combination of a secular European and religious Buddhist education is a distinguishing feature of the Russian Buddhists. In foreign Buddhist monasteries, the teachers are usually pleasantly surprised on learning that the Russians are well educated in mathematics, astronomy, physics and chemistry."