Council Approves Plan for Mosque in South St. Louis County

August 15, 2007

Author: Tim Townsend


The St. Louis County Council on Tuesday unanimously reversed a previous vote and decided to let a group of Bosnian Muslims build a new mosque in south St. Louis County.

Before casting his vote, Councilman John Campisi — in whose district the mosque will be located — addressed the Muslims' 100 or so supporters.

"I hope we can work together," Campisi said. "This is all I asked for from the beginning, but it got goofed up in translation."

The new resolution in support of the mosque included a request for additional traffic and architectural studies that Campisi said he had asked the Bosnian group for months ago.

"I'm glad you're finally willing to come up with what we asked for," he told the mosque's supporters.

As the meeting concluded, many of the mosque's supporters rushed to shake Campisi's hand.