Convincing France to Revoke the Turban Ban

March 15, 2010

Author: Staff Writer

Source: SikhNet News/IndiaServer

Preneet Kaur, the minister of state for external affairs, is working on persuading France to revoke the ban on Sikh's wearing turbans in drivers' licence photographs by instigating fear of creating a faulty identity database, which would prove costly to the country amid the global terror threat.

Kaur has conveyed to Paris that by taking pictures of Sikhs without the turban as identity markers, they are creating a faulty database.

"The p lea that we have taken is that the French government is taking photographs and fingerprints as identity markers. However, if Sikhs are photographed without turbans, then they are accumulating wrong records because normally, a Sikh will always wear a turban," Kaur said adding that Indian's demand to allow turbans in France was under active consideration.