Controversy Rages Over Return of Muslim Funds

October 19, 2000

Source: UPI

On October 19, UPI reported: "Last week, after counterterrorism researcher Steven Emerson said that the head of the American Muslim Alliance supported the terrorist group Hamas, Clinton returned $50,000 raised for her campaign at a fund-raiser she attended sponsored by the American Muslim Alliance...However, the head of the American Muslim Alliance, Dr. Agha Saeed, told United Press International in a statement that: 'We are, deeply troubled that Mrs. Clinton has accepted accusations about a major mainstream Muslim organization without inquiring about the accuracy of those accusations. It is unfortunate that a prominent politician once again succumbs to anti-Muslim McCarthyism,' Saeed said. 'The AMA unequivocally denounces terrorism by both sides: Israeli as well as Palestinian. Some reports imply that I, and by association, AMA, support 'armed struggle' in the Middle East. Nothing could be further form the truth.'"