Controversy Over Orland Park Mosque is now Political

July 23, 2004

Source: Chicago Tribune,1,29834

On July 23, 2004 Chicago Tribune reported, "A political storm is quietly brewing in Orland Park, where controversy over recent approval of a new mosque has been followed by an effort to change how trustees are elected. At the same time, some residents are searching for a candidate to challenge Mayor Dan McLaughlin, who supported the mosque and has voted for other projects opposed by some village residents... Gerald Maher, who ran unsuccessfully for mayor against McLaughlin in 2001, is circulating a petition asking residents if they would like the six trustees to be elected from districts, not at-large as they are now. Maher suggests the only way to get a new batch of trustees in office--a group he hopes would be less beholden to the mayor--is to make it easier for people to run."