Controversy on Menu at Prayer Breakfast

April 30, 2007


Source: Los Angeles Daily News

SANTA CLARITA - The keynote speaker at Thursday's Santa Clarita Mayor's Prayer Breakfast is an evangelical leader who called Catholicism a false religion and accused women legislators of abandoning their children.

While it is not sponsored by the city of Santa Clarita, the annual prayer breakfast typically draws the city's mayor, some City Council members and other local officials.

Mayor Marsha McLean said she plans to speak briefly at the event and will talk about her experience seeing many religions co-exist peacefully when she worked in Israel for the U.S. government. Assemblyman Cameron Smyth, R-Santa Clarita, a former City Council member, is tentatively scheduled to speak.

The keynote speaker at the $25-a-head breakfast at the Hyatt Valencia will be Ralph Drollinger, president of Sacramento-based Capitol Ministries. Women legislators in Sacramento donned kitchen aprons in 2004 to protest against Drollinger after he called them sinners for leaving their children at home to work in the Capitol.

Drollinger also was rebuked for calling Catholicism a false religion.