Controversial TV Show, "Faith Under Fire" Explores Faith and Ethics

October 1, 2004

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

On October 1, 2004 the Chicago Sun Times reported, "Lee Strobel, a former teaching pastor at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington and author of the best-selling book The Case for Christ, chronicling his 1981 conversion from atheism to Christianity, is seated behind the wood-toned 'Faith Under Fire' anchor desk perusing his notes and practicing his introductory lines before the cameras start rolling... 'Faith Under Fire,' Strobel's new Hardball-meets-the-O'Reilly-Factor-style chat show about religion, faith and ethics that premieres this weekend on the PAX cable network. The premise of the TV show is not to evangelize or prove its non-Christian guests wrong, explains Strobel... 'Anybody can believe anything they want. The question is, why do they believe it? Can they defend it? Does it make sense? Can they put it in the marketplace of ideas and let it be put to the test? That's what we want to do,' he says."