Congressman Reprimanded for Omitting "Under God" in the Pledge

April 30, 2004

Source: The First Amendment Center

On April 30, 2004 The First Amendment Center reported, "In an unusual public reprimand, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi chastised Rep. Jim McDermott of Washington for omitting the words 'under God' while leading the House in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. It is unusual for the leader of a political party to publicly chastise a member of the party's rank-and-file, but Pelosi spoke bluntly.'What I am saying to you is, I completely disagree with that presentation. I have made my view and the view of the House Democrats known to Congressman McDermott, and I don't think you will ever see again a presentation on the floor that will exclude the words 'under God,'" the California Democrat said. Lawmakers take turns leading members of the House in the pledge at the beginning of each floor session, and on April 27 it was McDermott's turn."