Conference on Islamophobia Held in Brussels

June 13, 2006

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

On June 13, 2006 the Islamic Republic News Agency reported, "The anti-Islam discourse in Europe is not only coming from politicians and international media but also from intellectuals, a conference on Islamophobia in Europe held in Brussels on Monday was told. Jocelyne Cesari, an associate professor from Sorbonne, Paris, said Muslims in Europe are facing discrimination in the cultural and religious domain as well as in immigration, housing, education and employment... Well-known European Muslim thinker and intellectual Tariq Ramadan said 'there is a discourse built on racism and Islamophobia. What we heard about the Jews in the 1930s-40s now is coming back to Muslims. Yesterday it was said by right-wing parties. Today it is the mainstream parties which are carrying out the anti-Islam propaganda,' he said. Islamophobia is being used to promote discrimination against Muslims in Europe, Ramadan contended."