Concern Developing Over "Hardline Islamic Militancy" in British Muslim Youth

April 4, 2004

Source: The Observer,6903,1185373,00.html

On April 4, 2004 The Observer reported, "Over the days following the arrests [of eight young British men of Pakistani descent, and a ninth who was born in Algeria, on suspicion of terrorist activities], extremists such as those from Al-Muhajiroun noisily spouted their support for holy war. Moderates closed ranks and rejected the radicals' violent call to arms. The media were full of commentators, social scientists and politicians discussing Islam, terrorism, multiculturalism and the security of the UK. But this weekend, despite the urgency of finding answers, the questions remain unresolved. Why does hardline Islamic militancy seem so attractive to a small minority of young British Muslims? Will radicalism gain more support in the future? Will that mean British-born Muslims involved in terrorism in the UK? And what can be done about it?"

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