Community for Interfaith Celebration in Washington

February 8, 2003

Source: The Olympian

On February 8, 2003 The Olympian reported that "Jody Rush was raised a Christian. His wife, Hilari Hauptmann, grew up in a Conservative Jewish household. Their son, Gabe, attends Hebrew school at Temple Beth Hatfiloh, where Hauptmann recently became a member... As a family, they also belong to the Community for Interfaith Celebration (CIC), a small spiritual community in Olympia [WA] that brings together people of different faith traditions and practices... Some members of CIC consider themselves to have an interfaith practice, while others have felt encouraged to reconnect with the religious identity of their childhood. Some honor earth-based traditions, and others identify as agnostic. Most say they appreciate the exposure to different traditions... Rush wants his son to be exposed to the roots of both parents' religious upbringing, and he likes the eclectic mix of an interfaith community... Hauptmann says that her involvement with this community actually led her back to Judaism about 10 years ago. Her comfort with the interfaith group stems from the feeling that 'no one needs to convert or give up their roots to belong.'"