Columbus (IN) Residents Attend Parliament of World's Religions

July 31, 2004

Source: The Republic

On July 31, 2004 The Republic reported, "The image of a Jewish rabbi embracing a Muslim imam is one of the clearest memories of the recently completed Parliament of the World's Religions for Columbus' Tom and Sandi Hinshaw. The Hinshaws and five other Columbus [Indiana] residents attended the weeklong meeting in Barcelona, Spain, from July 7 to 13. The Hinshaws and Madhu Vedak of Columbus also took part in a Parliament assembly the previous week in a Montserrat, Spain, Catholic monastery... The Hinshaws took part in the religious violence discussions, while Vedak helped moderate those discussions... Sharon Karr attended the last Parliament of the World's Religions in 1999, held in South Africa, and this month's Spanish event. She took part in the refugee panels and discussions and said her eyes were opened to the extent of the refugee problem...Tom Hinshaw said one of the biggest lessons for him was that Americans cannot be indifferent to the problems of the rest of the world."

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