College Looks at Religious Diversity

May 1, 2008


Source: The Herald News,4_5_JO01_RELIGION_S1.article

It all began with a conversation. Pam Dilday, director of student activities a Joliet Junior College, told deacon Jim Dennison of the Joliet Diocese's Office of Campus Ministry that she wanted the JJC to host a religious diversity forum.

With the help of representatives of many faiths, they made it possible.

On April 16, representatives of six different faiths gathered at JJC to speak and answer questions about their beliefs. Among them were representatives of Hindu, Catholic Campus Ministries, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Orthodox Christian Church and the Pagan Wiccan Club.

The Joliet Jewish Congregation was invited, but no representative attended, Dilday said.

Each of the representatives spoke for a few minutes, introducing their faith and some of the similarities with other faiths. After introductions, students could ask questions.

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