Cleveland Catholic High School Prohibits Wearing Hijab

August 28, 2003

Source: The Plain Dealer

On August 28, 2003 The Plain Dealer reported on a controversy over a Muslim student wearing the hijab, or headscarf, that violated a Cleveland, OH Catholic school's dress code. Sister Maureen Burke, president of Regina High School, said of the policy: "'It's a broad-based policy. It's certainly not just about do-rags or turbans or African headdresses. The purpose of the uniform is to bring everybody together, not to be distracted by self-expression.'" The article also mentioned a parallel case in which "Gilmour Academy in Gates Mills wrestled over whether to allow a Sikh student to wear his turban, a requirement of all male Sikhs. After consulting the Sikh community, the Catholic school decided to bend the dress code and let the seventh-grader report to class his turban."