Civil Rights Activists and Others Flock to Dearborn to Talk with Arab-American and Muslim Leaders

August 5, 2002

Source: The Detroit Free Press

On August 5, 2002 The Detroit Free Press reported that "attracted by its large Arab-American population, human rights activists and others are flocking to Dearborn and other pockets of metro Detroit to learn about and work with a community that has drawn increasing national attention since Sept. 11... In the last week, the visitors are young activists from across the country who are concerned about racial profiling, detentions, surveillance and other rights issues in the wake of the terrorist attacks." The young activists are visiting the area to attend an event called the National Youth Mobilization. The event "includes 7 days of workshops, rallies and meetings with local Arab and Muslim representatives... In late August, producers with the Sesame Workshop, the creators of 'Sesame Street,' will meet with Arab-American leaders... to discuss whether to create an Arab-American character for the show and a TV special that would educate viewers about Muslims, Christians and Jews."