Citizens of Thunder Bay, Ontario Join in Celebration at Sikh Wedding

May 1, 2006

Source: TB News Source

On May 1, 2006 TB News Source reported, "A 'blissful union' took place over the weekend. The Italian Cultural Center played to a large wedding celebration on Saturday - nothing unusual about that. But what made this ceremony unique is it's believed to be the first traditional Sikh wedding held in Thunder Bay in over 40 years. In Sikh culture, tying the knot usually requires several events, including dinners, decorating the bride, and a special ceremony that involves putting a veil over the groom's face. Over the weekend a couple and their family and friends participated in many of these events, taking part in a Sikh wedding from start to finish. Bride and groom, Nevada Ward and Herpreet Lamba say they were happy to share an East Indian wedding with the community. The ceremony included several Sikh traditions, with the groom arriving on horseback, and the exchange of garlands between the two families. During the actual ceremony, guests found themselves sitting on the floor, shoeless, listening to hymns from three Sikh priests. After the ceremony the groom is supposed to take his bride away to his home to live happily ever after. However for this happy couple, it was off to St. Anthony's Church, for a traditional North American wedding."