Citizens Act Locally to Support Muslim Neighbors

March 1, 2002

Source: Spirituality and Health

The Spring 2002 edition of Spirituality and Health featured a story on the "huge outpouring of support" from the community after a window at the Islamic Center of Toledo was shot on September 11 in an act of vandalism. Cherrefe Kadri, president of the large mosque, said "YES-FM, a Christian radio station in the Toledo area, had contacted me, wanting to do something... They called out on the airwaves for people to come together at our center to hold hands, to ring our mosque, to circle our mosque, holding hands, to pray for our protection. We were hoping for 300, 500 people. Two thousand people showed up. Some drove for an hour or more to be with us'... Though she recognizes 'the awful things that went on' in the aftermath of the attacks, the significant thing for Kadri is how one person's hate was drowned out by the love and support offered by more than two thousand neighbors."