Church World Service Leader Calls for Interfaith Cooperation in Relief Efforts

September 6, 2005

Source: World Service

On September 6, 2005 Church World Service reported, "Amid a deteriorating situation throughout flood-affected Louisiana, Church World Service Executive Director John McCullough and other religious leaders today said cooperation among different faith groups must be an imperative in the response to Hurricane Katrina. During a meeting convened by the Louisiana Interchurch Council here, McCullough stressed that cooperation and not competition among faith groups will help consolidate their role as advocates for survivors coping with an unimaginable disaster in destruction and scope--affecting not just New Orleans but other parts of Louisiana, as well as Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida... CWS is helping to support immediate needs and preparing for continuing assistance, working within affected communities to meet the long-term recovery and reconstruction needs of the most vulnerable. Shoulder to shoulder with the interfaith community in the affected areas, as well as federal emergency officials, CWS will be providing vital assistance as families and communities work to put their lives back together again."