Church, Government Work to Stop Crime

November 5, 2006

Author: Ky Plaskon

Source: Las Vegas Now

A prayer session at the steps of City Hall on Saturday morning helped kick off a partnership between Las Vegas city government and several local churches -- the goal is to stop crime.

Hundreds from different faiths sang, danced, and prayed together. Senior Pastor Troy Martinez say they realized that they might have different faiths, but the same goals.

"We are the boots on the ground, the people of faith are the ones that bind up the wounds, the ones that help those that are hungry at this time we need to live up to our faiths even more, quit debating them and live up to them and we are the ones that see the need out in the community more than anyone else."

Martinez called it a miracle that they were able to come together and now the city is a part of it. They enthusiastically welcomed the mayor. "We thank you for his life and we just thank you that he can be the happiest mayor in America, we bless you in the name of the lord."

Mayor Oscar Goodman pledged that as a whole, they will be much more powerful in eradicating social ills. "This is the beginning of a wonderful social experiment, where the government and the city of Las Vegas is forming a partnership with the faith based groups throughout the city," said Goodman.