Church and Gurdwara Work Together to Help Homeless in San Francisco

January 31, 2002

Source: Yahoo

On January 31, 2002, a press release from Glide Memorial Church announced, "Sikhs Help Homeless Battle Freezing Nights: Distribute 250 Blankets at Glide Memorial." The press release stated, in part: "Tomorrow the Sikh community will join with Glide Memorial to distribute 250 blankets to the homeless. The Sikh Gurdwara Temple of El Sobrante donated all 250 blankets to Glide. The blanket give-away is a direct response to record cold temperatures in the region, which threaten the health and well being of homeless people living on the streets. The Sikhs have partnered with Glide in other community service endeavors, such as a holiday food bag give-away in December. The Sikhs and Glide have found that caring for the community provides common ground from which to build cross-cultural bridges. ... Since September 11th, Glide Memorial and the Sikh community have collaborated with prominent Muslim, Buddhist, and other religious groups to promote tolerance and create a better world for people of all faiths through community service."