Christians, Muslims, and Jews Come Together for "Celebration of Abraham"

May 30, 2003

Source: Oregon Live

On May 30, 2003 Oregon Live reported that "since the Sept. 11 attacks, Oregonians have held interfaith services, forums and dinners in order to better understand religions other than their own... For those who chose to spend Memorial Day at a camp that had the feel of a casual college seminar, just showing up was a way to reject the proposition that the world's largest religions are destined to always do battle... Along with Cooper, of Vermont Hills United Methodist Church in Southwest Portland, the camp sponsors were P'nai Or, a Jewish Renewal community, and the Tigard-based Muslim Educational Trust. Many of the organizers formed deep friendships after past interfaith events and wanted to give others the same chance... Their ultimate goal is a summer camp that would bring together Muslim, Christian and Jewish children to learn to see each other as humans and to accept their differences. All three religions trace their roots to Abraham of the camp's name."