Christians, Muslims Agree to Pursue Peace

March 4, 2010

Author: Adelle M. Banks

Source: Beliefnet/Religion News Service

Christian and Muslim leaders from the U.S., the Vatican and the Middle East have issued a "plan of action" to address religious freedom and peace-building after a three-day summit at Washington National Cathedral.

The group's two-page statement committed to working with government and community officials to address the global economic downturn, natural disasters and the conflict in the Middle East.

"The wors hip of God who demands serious moral purpose is at the very core of Christianity and Islam," the statement reads. "Therefore, religious leaders must cooperatively work with each other and the political leaders in their respective countries in response to these crises."

At a news conference Wednesday (March 3), leaders said their three days of "frank" discussion included disagreements, but resulted in a statement on shared principals.