Christians, Jews Celebrate Easter, Passover in Detroit

April 4, 2004

Source: The Detroit News

On April 4, 2004 The Detroit News ran a feature article on Holy Week and Passover celebrations being held by the Christians and Jews of the community. The article reported, "Lynn Betker and Lisa Lis adhere to different faiths but both will begin observing a Holy Week with their respective Christian and Jewish communities. Today, Metro Detroit Christians will celebrate Palm Sunday and the beginning of their holiest week that ends on Easter. At sundown on Monday, local Jews will observe the eight-day observance of Passover that commemorates how they were delivered by God from slavery in Egypt to worship freely...Though she has celebrated Palm Sunday all her life, Betker says each time is different. 'But it’s always moving,' said Betker, 49, who, as head of the worship committee at First Presbyterian Church in Northville, prepared palms Saturday for the third-grade children to pass out at today’s services. 'It’s a remembrance of what Jesus means in my life, and he is our Savior.' Lis started preparing for Passover early when she celebrated the eighth birthday of her son, Aviv, on Thursday at Shalom Street, a new children’s center at the Jewish Community Center in West Bloomfield. She invited some of Aviv’s friends to explore their Jewish heritage. 'It’s our history,' said Lis, 'and we want him to learn and continue on our traditions so he can pass them on to future generations.'"